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Google Algorithm Core Updates Algorithm Tuning Summary

 What is Google's latest algorithm?

Google Algorithm Core Updates Algorithm Tuning Summary

Many people may not know that AI or Google Algorithm is updated all the time. and if nothing has changed much causing an impact on the search or doing SEO Ranking of the website

which Google Inc. will not notify or say something with a slight change Until the update is something that can see the change, it will be announced from time to time.

What is Google Algorithm?

Google Algorithm is the basis for evaluating which website. or which information should be displayed when people come to search Including the ranking in the show as well, which Google will choose the site. or the information viewed most likely matches what the user is searching for.

The algorithms of Google are adjusted and updated all the time. to make the display on the search page come out effective and meet the needs of users as much as possible, Therefore, nowadays we want to know anything and ask Google. That's because we know that Google should be able to give us the answer.

This is why when we search for something Why is that website (A) on the first page? always top position And why is the other website (B) on the first page but in the next position? Then why another site with similar content (C) but returns to the second page because, in Google's eyes, A site is of high quality and should be useful to the people who search the most. This is followed by site B and site C.

AI Google updates all the time

AI Google updates all the time, but if nothing has changed much. Until there is an impact, it will not be notified. or say something Until that update is something that will see the change that's it.

What changes have been made to Google Algorithm? Let's look at each topic one by one.

1.    Spam update

2.    Page experience update

3.    June 2021 Core update

4.    Product reviews update

5.    Passage ranking update

6.    December 2020 core update

7.    Core algorithm update

8.    Featured snippet deduplication

9.    Mobile-first indexing

10.    BERT AlgorithmMedic Core Update

11.    Speed ​​update

12.    Fred update

13.    Possum update

14.    BankBrain Algorithm

15.    Mobile-Friendly Update

16.    Pigeon update

17.    Hummingbird update

18.    Pirate update

19.    Penguin update

20.    Panda update

21.    Spam update

There is a notification that the system has been updated on June 24, 2021. According to reports, Google says that AI has managed to remove various false information. So-called daily deletion of more than 40 million false information and spam that is contrary to security from various applications. or accidentally installed Of course, these spams have the potential to easily invade your personal information.

It's easier to secure your website from being hacked than it is to fix it or restore it to its former glory. It's easy to get hacked, so you should avoid it. Of course, Google was not indifferent before. only this time have been working hard and have created more security systems Especially with SEO that is not of such quality. these methods

Link schemes

·    Spinning links with buy-sell to spin the page ranking.

·    Link exchange to facilitate trade personal interest

·    Creating articles that link too many keywords, including heavily churning out articles to create a campaign.

·    Creating a link to connect to your website automatically.

·    Creating a link to the other party to send it back to you.

·    Too many Private blog networks (PBN) were created.

·    Directories or bookmarks of low quality

·    Articles viewed intentionally create a link to find a product page. to buy and sell too much

·    Low-quality articles with hidden links, including links in widgets on each page.

·    Too many links in Footers

·    links contained in the comments in large quantities

Keyword stuffing

Irrelevant keywords, such as keyword attempts. or unnaturally too many numbers And how do we know that we have the right keyword, can be calculated according to this formula

Good keyword quantity = number of characters in the article/number of keywords (duplicates) in the content that the right amount of keywords, that is, should not exceed 1 - 2% of the article itself.

Creating good keywords for your website

1.    Each page should have its main keyword. (Lower competitive keywords increase your chances of ranking better.)

2.    Each article should be 300 words or more for google to understand the content of that article.

3.    Have the right amount of keywords (up to 2%) and natural.

4.    Don't forget secondary keywords and long-tail keywords (secondary keywords will encourage google to understand your content better | long-tail keywords will help display content in response to questions when people are asking them.)

5.    Place the main keyword source correctly and appropriately.

·    Page title

·    At least one keyword in the sub-topic.

·    Title tag

·    Meta description

·    At least one word in the image alt tag

·    in the first paragraph

·    In the conclusion at the end of the article

·    Don't forget on-page SEO

Sneaky redirects

Link incorrectly, for example, content is one subject and inserts a link to another page or other unrelated website. For example, if a website is being renovated, use 301 or 302 redirects and make sure the website Does our site have sneaky redirects at google search console: Fetch as google boot

Doorway page

A website built to get high rankings in keyword searches, including useless pages. Not relevant to the searcher, such as multiple domain names, multiple pages with cities, numbers, or anything to facilitate the link to any website. A website or web page created to be similar to a top-ranked website.


Hide or close paths, deviate, prevent them from going to the actual web page for any benefit. such as trying to create content to limit or divert access Avoid google from ranking or surveying your website.

Thin Content

too little content That doesn't mean it's a bad article. But the article that is not useful at all is this kind of article. because of that If you don't want your article to be meaningless. You should avoid doing these things.

1.    Copy the villagers to paste It's better if you try to create an article. Your own story and then link the references or sources.

2.    The same content, same article, but create multiple websites or pages.

3.    refusing to correct mistakes including not trying to improve the content to be easy to read and understand

4.    Don't try to create content that is cloaking or cloaking.

5.    Buy content that is for sale. And then put it on your website like that. Ao... our competitors or other websites have articles with the same content as us.

6.    Content generated by AI or get content in another language. like English Then put it in google translate and paste it on our website. Eh, this is not very good at all.

7.    All Affiliates should create their content, review, or do what to do. to attract people to buy that product without copying him and pasting it stubbornly The type that does not have any content related to or linked to our products and website at all. If you think of being an Affiliate, it's fair to say that this will sell or tag him or nofllow like this is better. Nah

8.    The website that oh… is the same owner. But pretending to not know each other, but using the content to be linked together until it is unnatural, this is AI google, he knows.

9.    Make an effort to find references or references that own it. It's better than picking up someone who didn't create the content themselves. But take another reference. To spin this link, it does not take.

10.    Page experience update

Updating the page experience will gradually make significant changes but have no impact. The update will include core web vitals conditions, including speed, visual stability, and interactivity.

One notable update is that AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is likely to be removed from the content. including not giving any importance to Conversely, the focus is more on core web vitals, which means that This update you only improve the website content, focusing on 4 parts as follows.

·    Core web vitals score

·    Mobile usability on each page

·    HTTPS

1.    June 2021 Core update

Updates, updates as google has notified, mainly about SERPs.

1.    Product Reviews Update

According to an update announced on April 8 that google has updated to focus on more reviews which have begun to experiment with websites that use English as their primary language Which the feedback received is not very good, because there are quite a few reviews. Making a rating Or the use of reviews as a scorecard is not stable.

However, being mentioned Or reviewed by experts with reason and effect. In-depth factual information is referenced. It is a score that Google is more important than the general public.

1.    Passage Ranking Update

As for the Passage update, it has been announced in November 2020 and was launched on February 10 in the English version. Of course, don't forget to prepare yourself for any updates to this section as well. Of course, if you're still meeting the SERP (heading, paragraph, meaning, sub-heading, heading, hierarchical, mainstream) conditions, you probably won't get it. this effect or if there is only a small amount

1.    December 2020 core update

In December 2020, google got a notification saying it had adjusted its main AI, which has been adjusted throughout the year. but for that time many things need to be developed and It certainly affects the SERPs, which many people ask, why does google adjust anything during this festive season? and in the announcement of the adjustment which is still unclear until now Just an addition to the EAT quality section.

1.    Core Algorithm Update

overlord!! The main AI has also been adjusted, so what has been modified? It is still the same pattern that this update has a significant effect on the SERP. Although.. it has been updated many times. Recently, it has been reported that it has been updated again on May 4th. Of course, if you take a look at the SERP fluctuation graph (only check for paid members) you will see a 6% change and this is part of the update.

but how I still don't know what algorithm Google has. Of course, it's a matter of website quality. Absolute quality of content That said, for SEO groups trying to create quality content, there's nothing to panic about. Because it is not affected every time of the adjustment for no reason, but for SEO, black belt, or spinner, of course, there is a very scary story.

1.    Featured Snippet Deduplication

This section was started around January 22nd, 2020. Of course, it's a new zero position because if your content is of high quality. Satisfied with google, it will be shown at the top of the homepage! And that means organic impressions and helps to guarantee, in part, that your article's content has reached admirable content.

Come to think of it, all SEO people are trying to get a position. Can stand one of the first pages, but eh ... all of a sudden the article Content that could be a new creator back is displayed in this position What does it mean? At that time, many people would have more or fewer doubts.

And this is the reason that is consistent with the SERP adjustments why. Google is so passionate about rating it. Still, in doubt Let's go back and look at the techniques on how to make SERPs get the reader's attention and get the heart of Google.

1.    Mobile-First Indexing

Another thing that has been updated is the focus on the index on smartphones. Of course, web developers and SEOs need to work together. To get the best quality response by using it on a smartphone. Both in the form of use, appearance (UX / UI), as well as various content. that has been shown perfectly

If you are developing your website to look different on each device, you need to make sure that the content, images, links, metadata must be in the same direction. Or is it the same?

And likewise, remember to focus on mistakes, content, image quality. The speed of the web page, the page thickness must still be in a good score as well.

1.    BERT Algorithm

It was launched around October 25, 2019, and officially announced on December 9, 2019. BERT, of course, helps google's AI understand the content, context, what it wants to convey. Better understand your website and its purpose.

BERT is an attempt to make communication more natural or to put it simply, training AI to understand informal human language. It's smarter. It makes you create fun content, sits comfortably, reads and reads, read long, reads and understands. It also has credibility.

Of course, using the BERT principle in content creation. will be affected in the least update of any update, even if it is the largest adjustment.

Secret Tips for Creating Content Under BERT Conditions

·    Don't forget to research keywords. Choose the one that best matches your purpose (main keyword, secondary keyword, and long-tail keyword).

·    TF-IDF analysis, keyword focus on phrases, frequency of use (TF or Term Frequency is a synonym, synonyms are used in an appropriate amount for the length of the content, and IDF or Inverse Document Frequency is the frequency of words that have a corresponding meaning)

The website ranks in the top 10 as well. Because that's your competitor. Although the TF-IDF method is a traditional strategy. But did you know that it would be great if you analyzed it and brought good things to improve or create your content in the old BERT way? The new model was applied.

To observe TF-IDF, go to Content Analysis > TF-IDF > insert competitor website.

1.    Medic Core Update

It was introduced in August 2019, under the condition that google can learn pairs or groups of words, categories that are related to each other. This optimism will allow the search to show content in keywords that are in the same category.

Of course, if you've developed your content or created your article, it will be under suspicion. Asking questions like who, what, where, how to order, how to buy, how to ship, how to compare, review, etc. will encourage the article. Your website shows up in similar categories as well.

12. Speed ​​update

It started around July 9, 2018, under the condition that the quality of the website is displayed on the smartphone. Must have speed, not slow loading, called speed update, this is used to help increase the quality score of the website ever.

1.    Fred Update

Launched around March 8, 2017, it was developed to provide AI with the ability to filter low-quality websites. or created to make money find only ads Regardless of any other benefit from readers, it's called "Fred." It's there for content creators. website owners including the website developers themselves Keep quality in mind and avoid violating google rules for good scoring. and a quality website

Of course, this update affects low-quality articles and affiliates. So how to make our website quality under Fred's terms?

·    if the website is good Good quality content must have reviews.

·    Avoid thin content, run away as you can.

14. Possum Update

It came into use around September 1, 2016. It's called a scoring criterion for ranking impressions. In this section, you will need to specify the area. Location keyword that represents a location or neighborhood, etc., for what? so that when searching for addresses in your area Your website will be displayed.

What do I need to do to deal with Possum?

·    Choose to use local keywords.

·    Don't forget to do Local SEO with these methods.

·    Google my business

·    Google reviews: Invite with different strategies Let him give a tactful review. It wasn't to provoke or disturb him either. Including when he comes to review, don't forget to reply to him.

·    Add images of your business products.

·    Links are important, backlinks are based on positive reviews. What a wonderful thing.

·    Quality links are more effective.

·    The number of these domains, IPs, C-blocks that are connected. It affects the scoring criteria per rank as well.

·    Choose keywords that are relevant to the festival within the area.

1.    RankBrain Algorithm

It was introduced sometime on October 26, 2015, or maybe even earlier. This improvement of the AI ​​system helps to learn more. Show results faster and more intelligently. RankBrain was developed to help as a score criterion in SEO in the early days. So what is the process of the rank brain?

·    A website must provide a user experience, i.e. at least knowledgeable, useful, or something so that users can devote their valuable time to your website as long as possible. as possible Of course, there are quite a few blind spots if you are trying to create content. your website to be of the highest quality This means that a website may contain content such as movies, games, or whatever that keeps you on the website for longer. Did this get a high score?

·    Bounce Rate is another criterion that helps judge impressions. as it is now

·    Competitor Analysis RankBrain is smart enough to understand the categories of websites in the same group. To measure the score and show results, of course, how to measure it? At that time it was used to view lengthy content. interact There is an interaction between the creator and the reader. The more comments, the better. Like this, even if it wasn't formally announced. But it allows us to see different scores.

1.    Mobile-Friendly Update (Mobilegeddon)

It started to be featured around April 21, 2015, under the condition that your score threshold is good only if the content of the mobile SERPs is good, including the impressions as well, when doing mobile searches. The web page displayed must be as efficient and effective as the desktop, that's it.

1.    Pigeon Update

It began to be used in American zones first during the 24th of July 2014 and later it was used in the UK, Canada, and Australia zones under the condition that it must be of the highest quality. In the display and including content, of course, google this update requires a local relationship. Show results from a search by showing the content of the neighborhood first. For example, if you are hungry .. restaurants in that area will be displayed immediately. This adjustment helps websites that are geo-pinned or do local SEO to get up to 50% better impressions.

18. Hummingbird update

Started on August 22, 2013, which is a development for AI to understand more. Making the display better and more responsive to searches means that Hummingbird will automatically translate and display results. have an understanding of both languages More slang terms, including long sentence searches. or using questions as a search Originally, capturing keywords into words for Hummingbird is no longer necessary. Because the system will process and display content that corresponds to your question quickly and accurately. This is also where the name Hummingbird came from.

19. Private Update

Introduced in August 2012 and officially announced in October 2014, it means focusing on "copyright" and dealing with infringing content websites strictly.

1.    Penguin update

It started around April 24, 2012, and has been adjusted. Developed until the present Of course, for Penguin, there is a lot of emphasis on spam and unusual links. Updates are up to date. know the technique Strategies that developers or hackers have come in various forms, including dealing with these makers. Whether deleting the link or restoring the damaged part from the interference itself.

1.    Panda update

It started around February 24, 2011, which has been improving every day … until now, what did the panda do? It's there to deal with nonsense, useless, low-quality content, whether it's baseless. Fraudulent content, spam also includes content that spins articles, spins keywords for no reason, and manages it!

And here's a summary. of Google Algorithm update history (only important events) for friends Better understand the working process of Google algorithm.

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