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kodak m35 film camera for beginners

 New 35mm film camera in factory packaging Kodak M35 mint color. A photographer's starter kit, just insert the battery inside and charge the film and the camera is ready to use!

Features of the camera: switchable flash - fires only when you want it, fixed focus - does not 

kodak m35 film camera
require sharpness adjustment. Lightweight
and compact - you can carry it with you!

The kodak film m35 camera is designed to use film with different ISO / ASA sensitivities from 200 to 400 units.

31mm f / 10 lens, 1 element.

Focusing distance from 1 m to infinity.

Exposure: 1/120 sec.

Weight: 100 g.

Manual film rewinding using a cogwheel.

This set is suitable for a photographer who has decided to touch film photography for the first time, it is a wonderful gift for both himself and a friend who is keen on photography who still dreams of shooting on film.

What's in the box: new Kodak film camera m35, wrist strap, user manual (instruction), factory blister box, warranty card.

The camera is powered by 1 AAA battery (not included). Any 35 mm film with sensitivity from 200 to 400 units is suitable for the Kodak m35 film camera 

The disposable camera for filmmaking

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